BAXI Gas Fires

Choose a Baxi fire and you’re choosing complete peace of mind.

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You can be assured that millions throughout the UK rely on Baxi Gas Fires to keep them warm and cosy, whatever the weather.

Baxi fires you can trust


Baxi Gas Fires - Baroque



Baxi Gas Fires - Brava


Brazilia F5

Baxi Gas Fires - Brazilia F5

Brazilia F5 S

Baxi Fires - Brazilia F5S


Brazilia F8 S

Baxi Fires - F8S


Brazilia F8 ST

Baxi Fires - Brazilia F8ST


Baxi Charm


Decadent C1

Baxi Decadent C1


Decadent C2

Decadent C2


Baxi Esquire


Heritage C1

Baxi Heritage C1


Heritage C2

Heritage C2

Minima C1

Baxi Minima C2


Minima C2

Baxi Minima C2



BAXI Fires:

Baroque, Brava, Brazilia F5, Brazilia F5s, Brazilia F8s, Brazilia F8ST, Charm, Decadent C1 , Decadent C2, Esquire, Heritage C1 , Heritage C2 , Minima C1, Minima C2.

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